The Ultimate Wedding Checklist - What To Do And When!

Congratulations! Questions have been popped, love is in the air and a wedding is on the cards!

At this stage, you are probably considering the next step towards creating the big day you have always dreamed of.

Wedding bells are ringing and the excitement is real, but we’re guessing so is the stress! There are so many things to plan and over off before you can actually say “I do”.

But don’t panic!

We are here to prevent you from being overwhelmed by the sheer number of factors to consider. And to help, we have put together a handy wedding checklist leading up to your big day so that you don’t forget a thing!

The Ultimate Wedding Checklist - What To Do And When! 

Right After Your Engagement

Set The Timeframe

While thoughts of dresses and cakes might be at the front of your mind right now, you need to push them to the back for a bit.

Think practically about the timeframe that you are working with for your wedding. Will it be as soon as possible or in a few years time, after you have had the chance to save?

Also, consider if you want a wedding in the height of summer (when the industry is at its busiest) Or, would you prefer an off season wedding instead? Knowing the kind of timeframe you are working to will help make the rest of the process a lot smoother.

12 Months Out

Decide On A Budget

First and foremost, as a couple you will need to consider finances. You are probably already well aware that weddings can be pricey affairs!

Setting a budget will put all of the following steps into perspective. Plus, it is a great tool for keeping everyone on the same page. Setting a budget will also help determine what you will be willing/unwilling to put money towards.

Assemble A Guestlist

Your guestlist may largely be influenced by the first step – the budget you have set for the big day.  Sometimes the family and friend list can appear to be never-ending, as you go through each cousin and childhood friend. It is a good idea to invite any overseas guests at the 12 month mark so that they have plenty of time to prepare their travel plans.

Now is also a good time to consider who will be in the bridal party. The most important thing to remember when making this list is that this is your day and make decisions that you will be happy with.

Choose A Venue

Armed with your budget and the number of guests you want to invite, you can start to seek out potential venues. Ensure you choose somewhere that will allow you to accommodate all your guests, and provide you with the atmosphere you envision.

Also consider the practicality of how you, your guests and your vendors can access the location. Is there plenty of parking and accommodation close by?

It’s important to get in quick, as popular venues may be booked out over a year in advance.

9 Months Out

Choose A Theme

If you are considering having a theme for your wedding, now is the time to choose it. That means any decisions you make from this point can be on theme. If you aren’t having a theme then you may choose to select some colours or a loose style to tie everything together.


Yes! Now is the time to start hunting for the dress. Starting now will mean you have the option of having a bespoke piece made or ordering in from overseas. Picking the right dress may take more time than you think, and more often than not these will need to be tailored to fit you perfectly.

Consider the bridesmaids and flower girl dresses at this point too, especially if you are ordering them online. It gives you plenty of time to pivot if what turns up was not quite what you were expecting.

Even if you are hiring suits for the gents, choose a style that you would like them to wear now so it complements the dresses. Also, contact the hire company so that you know exactly what their timeframes are leading up to the wedding.


With your own outfits out of the way, you can set your mind to the entertainment for the day. This may include booking your photographer, selecting your caterer, sorting your music, picking your florist and organising your celebrant. After you get these aspects finalised, you may find yourself breathing a little easier. 

6 Months Out

Wedding Stationery

Sit down with a designer to discuss your wedding stationery. Allow your guests to get a glimpse of your wedding by sending out personalised wedding invitations. Not only are the invitations able to provide your attendees with detailed information about the wedding, but you can also use them to set the tone.

Invitations are just one part of the wedding stationery equation. Here at HTM Creative we can create every stationery element you need to make your day perfect. That includes table settings, place settings, signage, save the dates, favours and more.

1-2 Months Out

Finalising The Finer Details

Finally, you are on the home run! Clear up any confusion and go over your ceremony and reception details to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day.

Rehearsals are essential for any big event and it’s important the bridal party are clear on the schedule and their responsibilities. Remember that no wedding should be costing you and your partner sleepless nights, so ensure the days leading up to it are spent with excitement and bliss.

Your unforgettable day will go by so fast, remain present and enjoy every moment!

Ready to dive into the organisation of your wedding stationery?

Then get in touch with us here at HTM Creative. We have a gorgeous range of stationery options available, as well as personalised design services. We’d love the opportunity to bring your dream designs to life. Get in touch with the team today.

The good news... it will be one thing ticked off your wedding checklist then!