Essential Wedding Stationery You Need For Your Big Day

Weddings are one of the most important days of anyone’s life.

Because of that, you want everything to be perfect… and rightly so!

Between booking venues, photographers and deciding who to invite, it’s safe to say there’s a lot on your plate organisation-wise. So, it’s crucial to make sure that your wedding stationery doesn’t get left behind in the mad dash to get your big day prepped.

After all, it is one itinerary item that cannot be missed!

Invites, RSVP planners, table plans, menus for food and drink and place cards add order to your special day. They direct your wedding guests, set the tone and theme of your wedding, give guests vital information, and often build excitement for everyone.

But, beautifully designed place cards, menu lists or invitations do not happen by accident. A lot of thought and energy goes into creating the perfect pieces for your day.

Here are some of the essential wedding stationery items you should have on your list: 

Essential Wedding Stationery...

1: Save the Date Cards

Save the Date cards let your guests know they are going to be invited to your wedding and should “save the date” on their calendar so they can’t miss it.

However, they aren’t official invites. Rather, Save the Date cards give the names of the happy couple, the date of the ceremony, and a brief overview of the location and venue. Save the Dates are perfect for couples who need guests to be aware of the big day in advance. They are great for preventing calendar clashes and if you have lots of guests coming from overseas. 

2: Wedding Invitations

Ah, the wedding invitation - probably the most important piece of any wedding stationery list. Invitation cards are the official business! They give your guests all the info they need about attending your big day.

More elaborate than your Save the Dates, they confirm the date and location, but also give info on food, how to get to the venue, parking, what they might need to bring and if they need to book transport or accommodation.

Your invitations are the perfect place to introduce the theme of your wedding to your guests (if you are having a theme of course) and to set the tone for the day. It is a real opportunity to let your personalities shine through. 

3: RSVPs

These handy cards are sent with the invitation and let guests respond quickly with either a Wedding Acceptance, Wedding Regret or other response. Their function is simply to let the happy couple know whether guests can attend the wedding and briefly give a personalised response. For that reason, they make fantastic keepsakes.

It is also a really good opportunity to learn a little bit more about your guests. You can ask if anyone has any allergies or dietary requirements to ensure the wedding meal is safe for everyone. It is also a cool place to let guests request a song for the reception or for them to share their favourite memories of you and your spouse-to-be! 

4: Seating Or Table Plan

On display at the entrance area of your reception, seating plans are used to get guests familiar with the table layout, giving everyone time to easily find their seat. They prevent the awkward situation of Great Aunty Maude ending up sitting with a family member she has been feuding with for years!

Sometimes your seating plan can correspond with place cards and table numbers. Placecards are ideal if you are having a sit down meal so that everyone is in the right seat to get the right meal. But, if you are having a more relaxed vibe, then you can go without placecards too. 

5: Individual Options

Wedding stationery is a beautiful, and rather exceptional, piece of any ceremony. They are flexible in their use and can be designed to fit absolutely any wedding.

There are so many options available that you can tailor to your needs. So why not pre-order some gorgeous designs for your special day? 

Preparation Time

The best things take time to prepare, so you want to get onto planning your wedding stationery early in the process. Not only do you need to send your invitations in plenty of times to give your guests time to prepare, but you need to leave enough time for you stationery to be created.

We recommend working on your wedding stationery plans at least 3-6 months out from your big day.

You can even make contact with your designer ahead of that time to ensure they have the capacity to take on your project in the required timeframe. Being proactive will mean you avoid disappointment and will get to work with the designer you love. 

Here at HTM Creative, we specialise in all wedding stationery items that can get forgotten. We have an extensive collection of “dream” designs ready for browsing in our online store, and we also design custom products too.

We are all about making the process enjoyable and as stress free as possible. Get in touch with our team today!